Chapter 1 & 2

Hello All,

I have started a book titled “unglued” I have read two chapters so far and I am loving this book. It is a book that helps make wise choices in the midst of raw emotions. I am hoping that by the time I am finished with this book I will have learned to take that extra moment that I need to make the correct decision instead of letting my feelings and emotions get the best of me.

Chapter 1

The thing that I took from chapter 1 is that it is ok to have do overs or have bad days but I just need to make sure that I am moving forward. If I keep moving forward even if it is small baby steps it is good and moving forward will bring forward a good change. One of the quotes that Lysa Terkeurst recites several times in this chapter is that imperfect changes are slow steps of progress wrapped in grace…imperfect progress. I have also learned that the goal is to not be perfect but to make imperfect progress. We were given emotions to experience life not to destroy it.  Chapter 1 kind of set the stage for what we would be learning in the rest of the book and I absolutely love the stories that Lysa shares to make her point of what she is teaching you. A question was asked in the participant guide how do you feel about change? I myself am always on the fence when it comes to change because I know that I need it but get nervous and anxious because I know my life will be changed. I have learned from Chapter 1 that when I am in an unglued situation I tend to portray a mix of a wounded bear and a crouching tiger. I am unpredictable and you never when I may strike so watch out.

Chapter 2

I found it very easy to relate to this chapter because just a couple days ago I experienced some of the same things she was talking about. She shared a story about how she was having computer issues and that it made her upset and then it snowballed and lead to other things happening. I had the same thing happen to me because I had computer issues and when I get mad and as my husband says nothing goes my way I blow up like a time bomb and that is what happen. After everything was all said and done I sat in my living room and felt terrible about the way I reacted and the things I said. But in the moment when I was all ramped up I could not control myself and what I really needed was to take a deep breathe and take a step back and think about what was going on and try and control myself. I need to learn that I can’t control things that may happen but I can control how I react to them.  In the end of the chapter she found that the computer issue she was experiencing in the beginning helped give her a new perspective. She had corrupt files in her computer and wound up having to buy a new one and then a month later her new computer was stolen. The way she handled her computer being stolen and not actually freaking out helped her daughter to see that her mom was not freaking out over a small issue. we need to change our thought patterns so that when we become unglued we will be able to know how to handle it. She talked about memory tracing and that is when you have the same thought again and again it begins to deepen and it becomes embedded in our minds. Renewing our minds with new thoughts is crucial. New thoughts come from new perspectives..


These two chapters were packed with useful information that helped me to see a new way to approach catastrophes when they arise. Now I just have to remember these tips in the heat of the moment when I am irritated and have raw emotions. I know it is not going to happen overnight and it is going to take some time but I am confident that I will put her tips to good use in my everyday life.


One thought on “Chapter 1 & 2

  1. Imperfect progress yes…So this is gonna sound silly…but I put sticky notes every where…in my laptop…on doors.. Remember seeing hearts ….well, sometimes you have to put things visible until you are having to get a grip! 🙂 Rubberband on wrist?? I love this! Remember we all are learning and growing!


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