Testimony of Faith

Hello Ladies, I would like to take a minute and introduce myself to you and share my testimonial. My name is Priscilla and I am a mother of 5 (1 biological son and 3 step daughters and 1 step son) (ages 24,23,18,17,15) and have been married to my husband for 9 years (we have been together for 12 years on the 4th of April). In 2013 we welcomed our first granddaughter into our family. I work outside the home and I absolutely love my job but ironically it is my job that changed my life and brought me to the place I am at right now. I am a Direct Support Professional for a company that cares for individuals with developmental disabilities. I have for the last 4 years taught Sunday School to fourth graders and I loved seeing their faces when they learned about the Lord. I did not know much about God and it really showed when they asked me questions. I always wanted to dig deeper and learn more about God but I never did and always put it aside. One day last year my life took a different turn and it changed the way that I look at things. On May 24 2014 I was working and myself and another co-worker took the clients that I work with on a drive around town. You will have to bear with me because the events that happened that day are still till this day a little fuzzy. I remember approaching a stop sign and making a complete stop and looking in each direction several times before I pulled out into the intersection and the next thing I remember is opening my eyes, and the van I was flipped over on the driver side and we were trapped in the vehicle. I was so scared all I remember was hearing the clients screaming and yelling and I heard the sirens gets closer and closer and when I tried to turn over I saw people trying to get in the vehicle to help us and asking if we were ok. I remember hearing the horrible noise of the roof being cut off and being taken out of the vehicle and being placed in the ambulance and taken to the hospital. I still could not wrap my head around what had actually happen and was so scared. I remember lying in the back of the ambulance and thinking how are my clients? How are the people we were in an accident with? I was concerned with how I was but I was more concerned about other more than me. I was in the hospital and you know how when you are laying on the gurnee and you can see people’s heads that is all I seen and as they were wheeling me into x-ray I could see and hear people crying and hugging each other. I then was taken back to my room and my husband was there and the look on his face scared me. I asked what was wrong and he said nothing just worried about you every part of me knew there was something more so I kept asking and he would not tell me. I finally asked the nurse how the other people in the accident were and she said they were brought to the same hospital and I said how are they and she said I can’t say anymore. I knew in that moment that something was wrong and I began to cry and hope that they were fine. I was then cleared and released and was wheeled out into the lobby in the front of the hospital and there were a bunch of people crying and hugging and I heard the nurse talk with my husband and she said the driver had passed. I got in the car and I remember crying like a baby the whole way home. I did not know who it was that had passed but I could not help but feel responsible for his death because I drove the van that he collided into and now he was gone.
I was crushed that someone was gone because of a van that I drove. I went into a deep depression and began to distance myself from family and friends and had to take time off work. I felt myself slipping away and was worried that my life would never be the same. I went to my family doctor and he placed me on some medication and suggested I seek counseling to deal with the obstacles that were put in front of me. I took his suggestion and found an amazing counselor and started the medication and things began to get better but not 100%. I have a wonderful friend that was by my side every step of the way and she suggested I participate in a bible study and I thought what have I got to lose. I participated in my first bible study and it turned out to help me more than I thought it would. I was learning about God and I found myself getting excited about learning new scriptures. I had a bible but I bought a new one and was reading out of it and learning. I think finding God at this point in my life was a true gift and I know that I am not truly over the events that have happened that day but I am taking things one day at a time and looking forward to growing and learning more about God. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety and still continue to worry about what people think about me and still battle demons of the aftermath of the accident but I know if I trust in God things will only get better. I am excited to see what is in store for my life and to learn more about God and become closer to him.
Thanks, for letting me share my story


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