Hello All,

Why is it that we can see things so clearly after they have already played out and it to late to change the damage we have done. I could use some clarity when I am at my breaking point and I am teetering on the line of going to far. Sometimes I am so angry and I tell myself don’t say another word because you are going to regret it but what happens I open my big fat mouth and daggers fly out of it.  cngh9t0p I know that I am doing it at the time because there is that little moment where I know I should not say anything but then one little thing sends me over the edge and before I know it the words have escaped from my mouth.

I am participating in this OBS (online bible study) and we are reading the book “Keep It Shut” (what to say, how to say it, and when to say nothing at all) I have read the first two chapters and I found the first chapter to be insightful and it grabbed my attention. I have learned that we are always so unaware of how our words can hurt other when it comes to family. I never really thought of it like that until I read it, I have to agree because we could care a less what our family thinks of us because they are stuck with us. On the other hand non family members we are more gracious and courteous with because we want them think highly of us. I also am learning that our words our very powerful and have consequences that can last a while in the people we are talking to. I look forward to reading more chapters of this book and learning some very helpful tips and exchanging some stories with some new friends along the way.

Until next time,