Chapter 3 & 4

I have finished two more amazing chapters in unglued. I love this book and I am learning so much from it the key is to take what I have learned from this book and put it to use when I am coming unglued. That will be the challenge!!

Chapter 3

This chapter was wonderful and I loved her writing style and I absolutely love the stories that she shares within this book. Her stories actually help you draw a mental picture and actually understand what she is saying. The first part of the chapter talks about labels that we put on our self. I love when she says “Labels are awful. They imprison us in categories that are hard to escape” I can relate to this because I assign labels to myself almost everyday and they are not even labels that others suggest just ones I create in my own mind. She also goes on to say that we all must keep this in mind that labels only stick if we let them. We do this also with labels that we have acquired from our past and never release them and we allow them to attach to us.  We need to see that we are God’s workmanship and he is always chiseling away at our hard places. She did three things when she was faced with a label that she pinned on herself.

1. She identified the label as a lie meant to tear her down.

2. She chose to view this circumstance as a call to action, not a call to beat herself up mentally.

3. She used the momentum of tackling one label to help her tackle more.

She then continues on her road to imperfect progress.

Chapter 4

This is by far my favorite chapter it allowed me to learn what kind of unglued person I am. There are four categories of unglued reactions.

1. The exploder who shames herself – this tends to happen when you explode at someone and then later you feel the heavy burden of guilt.

2. Exploder who blames others – this tends to happen when get angry because there are a million different things happening all at once and you can’t take it anymore so you explode. Then you blames others for your explosion.

3. The stuffer who builds barriers – this tends to happen something or someone makes you mad and you stuff it down and then you act like everything is fine but in the process you are building a barrier towards the person that angered you.

4. Stuffer who collects retaliation rocks – this tends to happen in the same way that #3 happens but you collect rocks as weapons and use them against the person that has angered you. You continue to say I am fine when you are clearly not and then one little thing sets you off and you attack and throw your collected rocks.


I have discovered that I am an exploder that blames others but I can just easily fall into all four categories just like Lysa. We need to start to be honest with ourselves and others and try and avoid coming unglued. We do this by soul integrity  Soul Integrity is honesty that godly. It brings the passion of the exploder and the peacemaking of the stuffer under the authority of Jesus. Keeping in my mind we can’t always control what will happen but when we use soul integrity we control how we react.

Tomorrow I will tackle two more chapters for sure but my goal is to try and get through 4 of them bringing me up to chapter 9 to start on Thursday. See you next time 🙂


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