Change Can Be Good

Hello All,

I have been away for a while but things in my life got a bit hectic, I am hoping that things have calmed down a little and I will have time for this blog. If you have been following this blog you know I created it as an outlet for my feelings that came when I had a car crash last year (2014). My life has changed a lot since then and I am slowly getting back tot he person I once was. I have done a lot of new things in the last year and half and met a lot of new people that probably never would have came into my life had the event last year never happened. I am still at my job as a DSP and I love it more now then I did when I started, there are some bad days but that is true of any job. I have a great set of co-workers that make work life fun and interesting 🙂 I have said it before but I have finally found a job that does not feel like work and that is the best part of it. I have also become a Jamberry Nails Consultant and that is another fun adventure that I jumped into and so far it is fun. I get to have online parties with woman and show them beautiful wraps. I am riding the wave of success and can’t wait to see where it takes me 🙂

Tomorrow I am starting my 5th online bible study and I am excited because the book we are reading is by a great woman that is going to teach me to not become so unglued and how to control my emotions. I am going to close for now but I will be back and will be posting my overview of the book “UNGLUED” for the next 6 weeks so join in and let me know what you think.

Till Next Time,