Fear turns into Strength

Good Morning All,

I sit here in my scrapbooking room and the windows are open and the fresh air is blowing in and I am loving the nice weather and the sounds of the day. For the last couple days I have the windows open in my room and the sounds of birds in the morning are wonderful. Hard to believe that one of the sounds of summer could make me cringe and keep bringing back horrible thoughts. The sound I am referring to is the sound of a motorcycle that is revving up and passing by, I never liked motorcycles before because I think they are unsafe. Now I believe that more so and I have to get used to hearing that sound because when the weather gets nice there will be more and more outside. It is going to take a lot of strength to overcome this obstacle in front of me but i know it will happen. I know this first summer is going to be hard for me in so many ways and there are things that will come up that will try and knock me down but if I work hard they may knock me down for a brief moment but when I get up I will come back stronger than I was before I fell. e254793c2747c41ca55190df7ad3c851 I will not let this accident that I was in define who I am and rule my life. I am on a beautiful to create a new and improved me and reclaim my life. I am thankful for the accident and I know that sounds weird but because of this terrible tragedy my life was changed and I was in a sense born again and was able to see the things in my life that need fixing. It will not all get fixed overnight but I know what needs to be changed and I am slowly turning my life around. It has also let me know that I should never take life for granted and always be thankful for what you have and the ones that are in your life. MAKE EVERYDAY COUNT!!! I have no idea what is next for me but I am loving the journey that I am on.

Till next time,



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