Small Towns

Growing up in a small town has it’s benefits such as everyone knows everyone, but that can also be a bad thing to. It is hard to hide things in a small town because everyone knows your business even though you try to keep it hidden. I also think it is difficult moving to a small town because they already have their own cliques set up and most of the people in that town have grown up together and many times look down on a new member to their community. I grew up in a small town area but it not as small as the town I live in now. I have lived here for almost 12 years and when I first move here it was hard because I did not know anyone except my husband and a handful of his family members. Slowly I began to meet new people but for many years I never had really close friends that I made in town. Now I can say that I am lucky enough to have some close friends that live in town and I feel a little comfortable. For many years I walked around and loved the fact that I was not well known and since i did not grow up here and only moved here when I met my husband I flew under the radar. But that all changed when my accident occurred and my name hit the papers and it was aired on t.v. it feels like I walk around town with a target on my back. Even though things have improved since the accident I still catch people whispering and pointing at me when I walk in the store or gas station. I know that I will never get away from that unless I move and at this point in my life moving is not possible and I am not sure if i could move that I would do that because all that would accomplish would be running away from my problems instead of facing them head on. I continue to push forward and deal with each obstacle that is put in front of me. I know I am strong enough to overcome this hard time in my life but sometimes it is so hard.

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One thought on “Small Towns

  1. You are extremely strong person. You have come a long way! Facing the giants instead of running from them has and will continue to make you stronger than what the they have to say. Hang in there my friend and take each day as it comes…


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